About Us

The company FLOBEMAN SA began operations in 1993, consisting of Italian investors and Dominican partners, creating the name Molino del Sol, in order to mass produce, baked goods, start your sale oriented clientele of small commercial establishments and Specifically direct public throughout the city of Santo Domingo. In a short time Molino del Sol, achieved a place in the market with a wide range of products Sweet and Savory own the Dominican tastes. In 1998 changes in the shareholders of the company, the arrival of new partners with experience in the Italian bakery. It restates production and seek new recipes and ideas, to introduce local markets. Molino del Sol takes a new direction, creates the “Gold Line” and with this in the great changes in the products and recipes, new image and presentation, our turn to a new and more demanding clientele. We started the entrance to large supermarkets and chains in the country.


After an excellent result in the domestic market, Molino del Sol decided to expand its borders and in 2002 is launched in the US market, where a large colony of Dominican migrants gives warm welcome to one of its recognized of his country. In 2006, aware of the potential of products MILL SOL, construction of the new factory starts. New possibilities and lack of opportunities to develop new products turns us into an already postponed expansion and in 2007 we moved, thereby obtaining a potential manufacturing much more complete and comprehensive, to meet a growing market of consumers seeking products breadmaking manufactured and designed with high standards of quality, taste and presentation as the natural sun mill products, no preservatives, no flavorings, or colorings.